Indoor CO2 Enrichment

co2 enrichment & indoor cannabis grows

Carbon Dioxide & photosynthesis

The AG Gas CO2 enrichment system is first-class in its ability to deliver CO2 exactly where it’s needed, resulting in healthier indoor cannabis plants and higher yields.

Plants rely on three primary ingredients to survive and grow: water, light, and carbon dioxide. Plants evolved at a time when atmospheric CO2 levels were much higher and never lost their ability to put more carbon dioxide to work. Carbon dioxide is taken up through a plant’s stomata openings (pores on the underside of the leaves) during photosynthesis.

Stomata are crucial to the quality and quantity of your cannabis cultivation because these pores regulate not only how much CO2 your plants receive, but also how much water vapor is released into the air. In the presence of higher concentrations of CO2, the stomata don’t need to open as wide in order to capture sufficient CO2, which comes with the benefit that the plant loses less water vapor.

Research shows that plants enriched with CO2 are healthier and higher quality than those grown with ambient carbon dioxide alone:

  • plant stomata receive optimum amounts of carbon dioxide
  • water usage is improved
  • there’s less humidity in the canopy
Diagram of a plant that illustrates the benefits of plants enriched with CO2 such as, increased CO2 uptake, reduced transpiration & increased carbon allocation below ground.

the ag gas co2 enrichment system

Our cutting-edge technology makes AG Gas the leader in CO2 enrichment systems & indoor cannabis, providing you with unique features not found in competing CO2 enrichment systems for indoor CO2 enrichment.

Our patented CO2 enrichment system is suitable for every type of indoor growing environment, from warehouses to ventilated greenhouses.​ Using a proprietary algorithm and real-time sensor data, the AG Gas system injects carbon dioxide directly into the foliar canopy of your plants … precisely where it needs to be. This prescriptive dosing boosts the photosynthetic process, resulting in 30% or greater yield improvements, better plant health, improved water-use efficiency, and outstanding flower quality. for indoor CO2 enrichment

In addition to algorithmic CO2 dosing, the AG Gas system includes code-compliant life safety features and automatic software and dosing algorithm updates. We also offer optional 24/7 system monitoring and a web-accessible grower dashboard that provides you with real-time and historical environmental data for indoor CO2 enrichment

Carbon dioxide is far too expensive to waste using an HVAC “flooding” approach, and CO2 “burners” can release unwanted, potentially toxic by-products into your environment. What’s more, both of these approaches result in “dead spots” because CO2 isn’t distributed evenly across your foliar canopy. When you choose AG Gas, you choose the most technologically-advanced CO2 enrichment solution on the market.

Relative Growth to C02 Concentration

This graph illustrates that after about 1200ppm, the incremental benefit of CO2 enrichment levels off. The AG Gas system keeps you at optimal efficiency… both for the plants and for your return on investment.


The patented AG Gas CO2 enrichment system is a turnkey solution for your cannabis cultivation. Our emitter line delivery system can be designed into new builds or retro-fitted into existing growing environments.

an image of AG gas monitoring system device promoting CO2 enrichment hanging over indoor cannabis plants

environmental monitoring

Our optional 24/7 monitoring service gives you peace of mind and also provides you with real-time readings of your growing environment, including CO2 levels.

image of an alarm monitoring CO2 enrichment & indoor cannabis safety

stringent safety standards

AG Gas adheres to the strictest safety standards and provides your staff with training and education in CO2 safety. Our system’s life safety features are best-in-class.

image of the CO2 delivery system that promotes CO2 enrichment for indoor cannabis

algorithmic dosing

Our unique delivery system dynamically adjusts the flow of CO2 directly into the foliar canopy, precisely where it’s needed.