co2 enrichment & outdoor cannabis grows

Growers have long understood that photosynthesis is dependent on three key inputs: light, water, and CO2. But did you know that sun-grown environments, such as hoop houses and open-air fields, can also greatly benefit from CO2 enrichment? The trick is to carefully monitor the real-time environment – ambient light, heat, and wind – and inject a prescribed amount of CO2 directly into the foliar canopy.

You probably don’t leave irrigation to chance. Instead, you monitor your plants and the soil moisture to determine when and where water is needed. Similarly, the AG Gas CO2 enrichment system constantly monitors the ambient environment and uses a proprietary algorithm to inject a prescribed amount of CO2 directly into the foliar canopy. Rainy day? Then CO2 isn’t the limiting factor. Too windy? Then CO2 will be wasted. AG Gas has the only CO2 enrichment system on the market that is designed for use in outdoor environments. It uses sensors to read the environmental conditions of your outdoor grow and adjusts automatically to changes in the growing environment, whether that means increasing or decreasing the CO2 dosage.

This short video uses a specialized camera that “sees” CO2 — shown in red — being dispersed by the AG Gas emitter lines and accumulating in the foliar canopy during a gentle breeze inside of a hoop house.

Safety Features and Optional 24/7 monitoring

In addition to algorithmic CO2 dosing, the AG Gas system includes code-compliant life safety features and automatic software and dosing algorithm updates. We also offer optional 24/7 system monitoring and a web-accessible grower dashboard that provides you with real-time and historical environmental data.

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