Enriching your cannabis grow with carbon dioxide accelerates photosynthesis, enhancing the health of your crops and increasing your yields in both indoor and outdoor growing environments. The patented AG Gas CO2 enrichment system uses specialized emitter lines and algorithmic dosing technology to deliver an exact amount of carbon dioxide directly into your plant’s foliar canopy. Our life safety features go above and beyond to make your grow space safe, and our remote climate monitoring allows you to get a real-time snapshot of your plant’s growing conditions.

By choosing our turnkey solution – including tank and gas supply options, permitting with local authorities, full life safety compliance, climate monitoring, and a best-in-class delivery system – you can harness the power of enhanced CO2 levels to increase yields, all while maximizing your gas-use efficiency.

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Co2 enriched cannabis plant

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The AG Gas proven and patented CO2 Enrichment System for cannabis cultivation is suitable for all indoor and outdoor growing environments.

Co2 enrichment in an indoor cultivation environment

Indoor Warehouses & Ventilated GreenHouses

Plants enriched with CO2 thrive and stay alive. Steven Savage, writing for Forbes, calls this the “magic super power of plants”: their ability to utilize carbon dioxide enrichment and light to create a higher rate of photosynthesis. 

Our CO2 Enrichment System performs effectively and economically in facilities such as warehouses and ventilated greenhouses. Discover how AG Gas can improve your indoor cannabis or other high value crop grow.

effective for outdoor farms & in Hoop houses

When you rely on atmospheric CO2 levels for your outdoor grow, you miss out on a huge opportunity for increased crop yields. 

Because the AG Gas CO2 Enrichment System slowly injects carbon dioxide from above your plants, more of it stays in the plant’s foliar canopy – with less gas waste. Find out why Ed Rosenthal calls us “the leading company with this technology” to enrich outdoor cannabis cultivation sites.

Safety is our

CO2 enrichment is vital to the success of your cannabis or other high value crop grow. Because it’s an asphyxiant, precautionary measures must be taken to protect people and plants. Our patented delivery system reduces the amount of carbon dioxide even before it enters your facility. Our 24/7 life safety and alarm features go well beyond regulatory compliance requirements.


AG Gas handles the entire permitting process for you, including:

  • a complete evaluation of your facility
  • preparation and submission of documents to your local authorities 
  • coordination of inspections

As your direct-service supplier, we work with local authorities to ensure full compliance with regulatory codes.

Tomatoes and other plants benefit from Co2 enrichment.

All Plants Need CO2

Ag Gas Co2 Enrichment improves plant development & productivity

Plant photosynthesis is dependent on light, water, and carbon dioxide to create the sugars necessary for growth. Too much CO2 can be harmful to plants; too little CO2 depletes a plant’s cellular growth capability.

Food crops like tomatoes greatly benefit from carbon dioxide enrichment, resulting in a higher yields and enhanced fruit quality. Studies on other crops enriched with carbon dioxide, such as hops, cucumbers, and strawberries, also have shown noticeable improvement.

Learn About the Advantages of CO2 for All Plants