co2 delivery safety is our priority

AG Gas CO2 Enrichment System and Environmental Monitoring

 Ag Gas 24/7 life safety system with a customized web-based dashboard allowing you to track current environmental conditions on your desktop and mobile devices.

Carbon dioxide enrichment is vital to the success of cannabis cultivation, but precautionary safety measures must be taken to protect both people and plants. The AG Gas CO2 enrichment system is fully compliant with life safety regulations and is equipped with other safety-enhanced features extending well beyond compliance requirements. We also offer an optional AG Gas 24/7 life safety monitoring system and a customized web-based dashboard that allows you to track current and historical environmental conditions.

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Carbon dioxide levels & Ventilation

Carbon dioxide, light, and water are what allow plants to grow and flourish. However, there are health risks involved with exposure to excessively high levels of CO2, whether indoors or outdoors.

Managing carbon dioxide levels in enclosed spaces is paramount to environmental monitoring for safety and the AG Gas CO2 enrichment system helps mitigate this risk even before the carbon dioxide is dispensed. Liquefied CO2 is stored in an outdoor tank and the pressure is stepped down dramatically before it leaves our system and enters your grow area. By focusing on injecting CO2 directly into the plant canopy, our system both minimizes gas waste and reduces the risk associated with handling high-pressure CO2 gas within your facility.

As an added safety feature, we use only 100% food-grade carbon dioxide for enrichment. This ensures that chemicals, such as ethylene, that are produced by other methods of CO2 generation aren’t introduced into your growing environment.

The aG gas 24/7 life safety system

AG Gas is at the forefront of CO2 enrichment safety, offering a fully compliant life safety system to protect both your cannabis plants and your staff.

Our environmental monitoring and alarm system goes well beyond compliance with national, international, state, and local regulatory standards. The AG Gas system provides CO2 enrichment more effectively and more safely than burners, which are not in good favor with regulatory officials.

how it works

Our environmental monitoring system uses sensors that continuously gather real-time data on the carbon dioxide levels in your grow spaces. If our system sensors detect a high CO2 level, both audible and visual alarms are triggered and, where dictated by the space and applicable regulations, ventilation fans will be engaged to evacuate the air. For added peace of mind, we offer optional 24/7 system monitoring and a customized online dashboard so that you can view both current and historical environmental data, including CO2 levels.