What We Do


Agriculture is a tough business. AG Gas works every day to help our customers maximize the return on their investments. We do that by increasing the yield in every square foot that is available in your grow. In both indoor and outdoor growing environments, we have proven that we can provide plants with the precise amount of CO2 to realize the benefits of enrichment in the most cost-effective method possible. AG Gas coordinates all the various pieces of the CO2 puzzle to provide you with a turnkey solution. The AG Gas CO2 enrichment system for indoor and outdoor grow spaces is the turnkey solution to safely increase carbon dioxide in your location. We offer the most cost-effective option for storing CO2 on-site and the most sophisticated algorithm for dosing your plants. Additionally, we have the most highly targeted emitter system design on the market and the most rigorously tested, code-compliant life safety features. We take responsibility for bringing these pieces together at your site, including handling the permitting process with local authorities. We also provide you with our customized, cloud-based dashboard that allows you to monitor key environmental readings at your grow site. For an application as complex as CO2 enrichment, we take the headache away from you by handling the implementation process from start to finish.

history of ag gas co2 enrichment

AG Gas was founded in 1996 on the idea of taking industrial waste carbon dioxide and applying it to agriculture. Working with Fresno State University, the University of California – Davis, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, we proved the efficacy of CO2 enrichment on open-air crops, more than doubling the marketable yield of tomatoes in one university-led study. Since that time, we have worked tirelessly to perfect our technology, streamlined the permitting process, and found tank/gas supply solutions in order to provide a full and comprehensive CO2 enrichment solution to our customers. Through years of hard work and experience, we are proud to offer growers the most technologically advanced turnkey CO2 enrichment solution on the market, one that maximizes profitability, protects our environment, and safely operates in both indoor and outdoor growing environments.

The future of co2 enrichment

The future of recycling CO2 into agriculture has never been more compelling. While worldwide initiatives to reduce human-generated CO2 gas emissions are gaining momentum, we are also facing the need to feed billions more people in the coming decades … at a time when access to fresh water has become a critical issue.

CO2 enrichment sequesters carbon, boosts yield, and improves a crop’s water-use efficiency. As never-before-captured industrial sources of CO2 become available, we believe agriculture represents a vast economic and ecological opportunity. We look forward to working with our partners Chart Industries and Hydrofarm to take on this challenge.

Our Strategic Partners

Innovative Growers Equipment (IGE)- Hydrofarm Commercial Division

IGE – Hydrofarm Commercial Division is a leading distributor and manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and supplies for controlled environment agriculture, has entered into a distribution agreement for the sale of AG Gas systems and services.


AG Gas CO2 Enrichment System is a partner with Chart Industries.

Chart Industries

Chart Industries, a leading diversified global manufacturer of highly engineered cryogenic equipment and technologies, has entered into an MOU with AG Gas to support its customers’ tank and CO2 gas requirements.

“The AG Gas and Chart partnership is a great example of the Nexus of Clean™ in action – bringing together sustainable solutions for food, beverage, water efficiency and CCUS.” – Jillian Evanko, President and CEO of Chart Industries