Permitting Management

permit Management

Permit Management process

AG Gas permit management handles the entire permit process for you, from start to finish.

We are CO2 enrichment specialists for cannabis cultivation, and we know which permits you need and why, from pre-installation through final inspection. We prepare all the necessary documentation, including the required written reports that accompany the permit applications. To save you even more time, you can appoint us as your signing agent, relieving you of the paperwork burden so you can focus on your grow.

types of permits

CO2 enrichment comes with stringent regulations because carbon dioxide is an asphyxiant. Compliance can include multiple items, such as:

  • operational system
  • equipment installation
  • ventilation system
  • system activation
  • compressed gas storage
  • gas detection system
  • alarm and emergency shut-off system
  • written maintenance plan

We at AG Gas take great pride in our rigorous safety systems and protocols, which is why we have a great track record of gaining permits for customers in some of the toughest regulatory jurisdictions in the country.

let’s get to work

The AG Gas compliance team starts managing the permitting process immediately, and we handle all communication with regulatory authorities, such as your local fire chief and inspectors, throughout the planning, installation, and inspection processes. We even coordinate the inspections for you, creating a streamlined process.

The permit process may seem daunting, but because safety is our number one priority, with the AG Gas compliance team working for you, you are in good (and safe) hands.