Don’t Take Our Word For It

Let The Research Speak For Itself

Take a closer look below at the research that drives the AG Gas CO2 enrichment delivery system for cannabis cultivation.

Article | SpringerLink

Photosynthetic response of Cannabis sativa L. to variations in photosynthetic photon flux densities, temperature and CO2 conditions

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Article | Frontiers

Impact of Different Daily Light Integrals and Carbon Dioxide Concentrations on the Growth, Morphology, and Production Efficiency of Tomato Seedlings

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Blog | Ed Rosenthal

CO2 ENRICHMENT – A critical tool for maximizing yields … and it’s not just for warehouses

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Blog | Green CulturED

Marijuana CO2 Enrichment

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Article | NASA

Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds

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Video | ZipGrow

Supplementing CO2 for Plant Growth

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Video | Wisdom Land

More CO2 is GOOD for Earth – Seeing is Believing – Time Lapse Video of 2 Plants Growing

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Article | University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources

Carbon dioxide enrichment in greenhouses

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Article | General Hydroponics

What is CO2 enrichment and is it for you?

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Article | Skeptical Science

Plants cannot live on CO2 alone

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