All Plants Need CO2

co2 enrichment & Plants

Carbon dioxide (co2), water, and light create the foundation from which all plants grow and ultimately bloom. During the process of photosynthesis, co2 functions as the primary food source for a plant: plant stomata take in CO2 from their environment and then release oxygen back into the air after extracting the all-important carbon molecule. Carbon Dioxide enrichment speeds up and amplifies the process of photosynthesis, resulting in higher production yields and a better quality of plant all-around. Studies on the impact of enhanced carbon dioxide levels for a wide range of plants, including hops, tomatoes, citrus, strawberries, cucumbers, and lettuce shows that CO2 enrichment can increase product yields by as much as 30% – 50%.

ag gas & the future of carbon dioxide (CO2) enrichment

Carbon Dioxide enrichment is viewed by many scientists as a sustainable method of increasing food production. An October 2022 study published in Frontiers in Plant Science concludes that “directions of improvement in the future of agricultural CO2 enrichment can be expanded, such as exploring technologies suitable for open field production, and developing more sensitive sensors and more intelligent CO2 control models.” This describes what AG Gas has to offer today and speaks to the future of carbon dioxide enrichment as a more widely embraced practice.

AG Gas already is a leader in CO2 enrichment with our patented system that includes algorithmic dosing and an emitter line delivery system suitable both for indoor and open-air cultivation. Our system uses advanced sensor and data-collecting technology to deliver, monitor, and adjust CO2 levels in your growing environment. Our algorithmic dosing of 100% food-grade carbon dioxide directly into the foliar canopy allows you to harness the power of enhanced CO2 levels to increase the health of your plants and the quantity of your yields, all while keeping you and your grow space safe.

Let AG Gas grow with you.